One for the geeks among our readers. In this out-take from the recent #WinOps 2017 conference Connon MacRae, Ticketmaster’s VP Technical Operations, describes Ticketmaster’s DevOps journey.

It contains lots of insights into how the ticketing tech giant has been – and is being – transformed, along with some of the ‘bumps in the road’ which impacted collaboration between Engineering and Operations. And what it’s doing next on the technology front.

Interestingly, a graduate of performing arts, Connon MacRae started with Ticketmaster 18 years ago in the call centre selling tickets. With a mix of luck, mentoring and (most likely) damn fine work, he now looks after the technical infrastructure for the giant.

If you want to understand a little of the complexity across TM’s global estate, take 45mins out to watch this.

View the video here:

WinOps 2017 Connon MacRae – Evolution of Ticketmaster's journey to DevOps