Ticketbooth has integrated with viral marketing startup Audiencetools, which seeks to help event organisers sell more tickets by harnessing their social reach.

Audiencetools gives event organisers a platform to boost their viral exposure and turn their fans into event evangelists. It will now provide its service via event ticketing platform and fellow Australian company Ticketbooth.

Covering everything from social media integration to incentivised promotion, Audiencetools enables organisers to set up campaigns and measure their success in one place.

Audiencetools chief executive Simon Guerrero said: “We firmly believe that selling tickets to, and marketing your event online is about more than just telling people to buy a ticket and then producing a barcode.

“It’s about making events great for consumers every step of the way; from the moment they register for pre-sale, through to when they make a purchase and want to share that excitement with their friends.

“The arrival of Audiencetools gives event organisers the tools to streamline their event planning whilst growing their audience and increasing ticket sales.

“We’re here to make events a success by generating unprecedented exposure, promoting awareness and implementing smarter, more efficient marketing techniques.”

Audiencetools can be integrated with major marketing platforms such as Salesforce, Mailchimp and Twitter Ads.

Engagement is enhanced by the promotion of social activity, reward and data capture, with fans given the opportunity to connect their own social accounts. Fans are encouraged to become evangelists through rewards for inviting their friends and sharing events on social media after purchase.

Guerrero said: “Welcome to 2017, where harnessing social media is the key to selling out an event. Audiencetools simplifies your marketing, helping you grow your events and make fans happier.”