Apple pioneer Steve Wozniak sees ticketing as central to payments revolution

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak believes digital ticketing is a leading light in an ongoing “transformation” of consumer habits.

Speaking at the Money 20/20 conference in Las Vegas, Wozniak, who set up the tech giant with Steve Jobs in the 1970s, said ticketing was one the sectors most illustrative of changes taking place.

According to the 9To5Mac website, Wozniak added that he believes platforms such as Apple Pay can simplify the link between purchasing and entry.

He said: “How we shop and pay for products and services is undergoing a transformation. Ride sharing, order ahead meals on iPhone, a post-workout smoothie with Apple Watch, on-demand delivery of anything, anytime, buying digital-only tickets, and soon sending and receiving money from friends and family right in Messages, are all made simple with Apple Pay.”

Meanwhile, Ticketmaster has confirmed to The Ticketing Business that Apple Wallet has been integrated with its contactless Presence system.

The development of the rollout across all Ticketmaster locations was announced by Jennifer Bailey, vice president of internet services at Apple Pay, at the 20/20 event. Bailey claimed the integration was evidence of Apple Pay as the “future of the everyday spend”.

The Wallet lets people store tickets on their iPhone or Apple Watch, which can then be scanned when entering a venue.

Ticketmaster told The Ticketing Business: “The integration with contactless tickets in Apple Wallet means fans can enter a venue and verify their ticket by tapping their iPhone or Apple Watch on a contactless reader at the gate. Fans can also add their contactless Ticketmaster tickets to Apple Wallet to enter a Presence-enabled venue.”

Ticketmaster Presence is already installed at more than 50 venues, and more than 10 million fans have now gained entry via the technology.

Ticketmaster said: “This introduction of contactless tickets in major US sports stadiums and concert venues is a first at this scale. Bringing two technology experts together makes for an overall smoother ticketing experience for fans.”

IMAGE: Ed Schipul