Organisers of the 2020 Olympic Games want to deploy digital entry tickets that include personal information as they aim to deter touting ahead of the Tokyo event.

It is expected that more than 10 million tickets for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Japan will be issued from 2018. However, there are already concerns about massive buyouts and overpriced resales.

According to a Reuters report, the organising committee wants to introduce online tickets bearing personal information and a system where holders can sell tickets on at a regulated price.

The committee has already asked the Japanese government and lawmakers for legislation to clamp down on scalpers.

“It will affect the Games’ reputation. We want to create a framework through which we can thoroughly crack down on people reselling tickets obviously for a profit,” an official of the organising committee was quoted as saying, according to Reuters.

Last year, it was reported that Tokyo 2020 officials were planning to place a resale button on all digital tickets so that holders no longer able to attend an event could offer their seat to others at fixed prices.

“The resale of tickets at high prices is an important problem,” a Tokyo 2020 official said at the time. “The International Olympic Committee is also asking us to take measures against it. While exchanging opinions with the people of music industry, we will take appropriate measures.”