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Angolan start-up outlines ambitions

Angolan entrepreneur Carlos Baptista has explained how adding new internet-based functionalities to his Ingresso Prático platform is just the “beginning” for the Angolan central ticketing start-up, which launched last year.

The platform has attracted 2,000 active monthly users in its first year of operation, with tickets being sold for a variety of events in the African country.

Baptista acknowledged in an interview with Disrupt Africa that the platform is in the “lucky” position of not having direct competition in the country so far, with no other service spanning the sports and entertainment industries specifically in Angola.

However, having recently integrated e-wallet technology, he added that the platform will continue to evolve to stay relevant and a step ahead of any rivals that may emerge in the coming months.

“Ingresso Prático was built out of a personal need, which luckily turned out… (to be shared) by a great number of individuals,” Baptista said. “In order to buy tickets for any genre of events, people had to visit the most traditional outlets, or just take the risk and try to get them straight at the event’s venue.

“That is where Ingresso Prático comes in. Users can now get tickets for every type of events: soccer matches, concerts, shows and so on, anytime, anywhere and with any device – provided it is connected to the internet.

“At Ingresso Prático we have a huge ambition of establishing the quality of our services and positioning the company locally first.

“The internet is definitely changing the way everything is done in Angola. Although it is just at the beginning, it is already the most influential medium among the youth. The differences between the reality we live in and what is happening around the globe puts a lot of pressure on innovative companies like the many start-ups in the country today, forcing us all to operate at a world-class level.”