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EON Sports looks to build “community” through Anytixx

North American technology company EON Sports has launched a new member-only ticketing platform called Anytixx.

The platform does away with service charges in order to sell tickets at wholesale prices. Anytixx customers pay an additional monthly fee of between $1.99 to $15 to use the platform, but can attend as many events as they like and can even earn cashback rewards.

According to Forbes, Anytixx guarantees to beat the price on any tickets that customers might find cheaper elsewhere and will be selling seats at close to cost price.

EON Sports has previously focussed on providing VR training equipment to sports teams, but has now moved into a new sphere.

Brendan Reilly, co-founder and chief executive of EON Sports, told Forbes that Anytixx has been created as a solution to low standards of customer satisfaction and convenience within the sector.

“There is an entire multi-billion dollar industry preying on the fact that people like me and you just go, ‘Well, that’s the way it always is,’” Reilly told Forbes.

The platform currently sells tickets to concerts, theatrical events, and sports games in the NFL American football, NHL ice hockey, NCAA football, Major League Baseball and NBA basketball leagues.

EON Sports is to use its ticketing service to boost its core ambition of enhancing live entertainment experiences with AR technology.

“We see an opportunity with augmented reality as part of the live experience, but we need an audience to execute it with,” Reilly said. “It starts with tickets and building a community that shares our values, and then it scales into all types of fun stuff.”