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Ticketline (UK) to go into liquidation

Ticketline (UK) is about to go into liquidation leaving thousands of customers at risk of losing out.

The agency, which offers tickets to concerts and sporting events as well as excursions and short breaks, was said to have “suffered a downturn in trade,” and called in insolvency and restructuring firm CVR Global.

A spokesman for CVR Global said around three or four members of staff at the company were made redundant on Monday.

Customers who had tickets booked with the Cardiff-based company will receive letters from Ticketline (UK), while posters have been removed from the agency’s shop window and its website states it is under maintenance.

A customer service phone line was also unavailable on Wednesday, according to Wales Online.

Beverley Vedmore had booked a trip with Ticketline (UK), but after not hearing any confirmation about the final plans she said she feared the worst, Wales Online reports.

“All they told us was they’d let us know a month before if the trip was going ahead. But with less than a week to go we’d heard nothing.

“So I thought I’ll just go on the website and it said it was under maintenance and I thought ‘That’s strange’. They’ve been there forever and a day. I went down yesterday and there was nothing in the window. But you don’t want to think the worst.”

Elias Paourou and David Oprey, from CVR Global, will be appointed as liquidators on November 29.

In a statement Paourou said: “Unfortunately due to the increasingly competitive market of the ticketing industry, Ticketline (UK) Limited could no longer continue trading.

“We are now in the process of trying to find a potential buyer in the best interests of the company’s 2,000 customers.

“Customers who have paid for their tickets by credit card are advised to contact their credit card provider to establish if they are eligible for a refund.”

Ticketline (UK) is distinct from the larger company Ticketline, which is a separate business.