BDV, a German association for the events industry, has called on politicians to pass legislation that would regulate the commercial resale of tickets in the country.

At its annual general meeting, held last week, the discussion revolved around the “measures required against the growing ulcer of the illegal ticket network”.

The BDV said it wants to launch “a short-term publicity campaign to show the consumer the risks and consequences of acquiring second-hand tickets”.

BDV president Jens Michow said: “Legislative regulation will ultimately have to be made by a criminal prohibition, as it already exists, for example, in France, and is also sought in other European member states.”

BDV represents all major promoters, including DEAG, FKP Scorpio, CTS Eventim, Live Nation GSA, Semmel Concerts, Neuland Concerts and ASS Concerts and now believes the division is large enough to warrant government intervention.

The International Ticketing Yearbook 2017 reveals the resale market in Germany is “not nearly as significant as in comparable territories.