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Next Concert to take hassle out of buying tickets

New reservation service Next Concert is promising to take the hassle out of ticket buying.

The France-based company, which launched earlier this year, evaluates the music industry to decipher the likelihood of concert dates or upcoming album releases to pin down the possibility of an artist performing before the event is public.

Next Concert will then purchase tickets prior to the general ticket sale, and fans will receive their tickets no less than three weeks ahead of the show.

The firm uses payment service Social Checkout, which allows the costs to be split between a group with ease. In addition, if the ticket price in the general sale is cheaper to Next Concert’s original estimate, it will repay the difference.

The ticketing company also allows fan to make changes to their orders with no additional charge, as well as providing full refunds if a customer changes their mind about the event. If a fan decides to cancel, a discount code is also provided for their next order.

The Live Arena UK news website states that 90 per cent of concerts announced on Next Concert go on to be confirmed to the general public.

Next Concert said: “How many times have you dreamed of seeing your favourite artist in concert to find yourself stuck in a queue on a website before finding out the event has already sold out? Have you ever missed the biggest concert of the year because you simply didn’t know it was taking place?

“Have you ever missed the date when tickets go on sale for a concert and had to settle for a seat right at the back of the venue, when all you really wanted was to sing your heart out on the front row?

“Next Concert was created to rid you of all these frustrating issues. Our team act as a go-between, always keeping you informed and getting you those tickets you’ve been dreaming of. Before the event is event officially announced, entrust our team of experts in the reservation of your tickets. That way, you won’t ever miss your favourite artist in concert again.”