Ticket purchases coming to Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa users will soon be able to order and pay for tickets via voice commands.

Developers and businesses making skills for the personal assistant gadget will soon be able to accept Amazon Pay for purchases directly within voice apps from the Alexa Skills Store.

In an announcement at a conference in Las Vegas, Amazon said payments for event ticketing, donations and restaurants would be among the first via Alexa.

According to the VentureBeat news website, Alexa skills developers accepting payments will likely take advantage of the ability to understand unique voices, a feature that started bringing personalisation to Alexa users this autumn and extended the service to developers earlier this week.

The opportunities offered by Alexa and other chat services were highlighted by StubHub recently. Gary Kanazawa, who leads StubHub Labs, said the services are proving a great resource in analysing customer habits and desires.

“That’s the heart of the IP we’re building: What we’re learning from our users,” said Kanazawa. “We start learning about our customers at their pace, not a pace that we force upon them.”

“As a new platform—just like we had to embrace mobile apps 10 years ago—this is a place where our users spend a lot of time. And we know that they’re highly engaged people.”