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Twickenham set for ticket rethink after CEO’s ‘secret shopper’ trip

Ticket prices could be slashed at Twickenham as part of changes recommended by the Rugby Football Union’s (RFU) chief executive following a ‘secret shopper’ trip to the stadium.

Stephen Brown has announced plans intended to transform the match-day experience at English rugby’s home after he and his wife attended the Autumn International win against Samoa last month incognito.

Brown has now compiled an eight-page report on his experience, and pledged to look at ticket costs for future matches, after the Samoa game featured lower prices than recent meetings with Argentina and Australia, attracting more families to the stadium.

In addition, Brown said that the queuing system for food and drink needs to be improved, while he called for more of a spectacle to be made of arrival of the team buses to help create a greater pre-match atmosphere.

He also cited an upgrade to signage around Twickenham, as well as at nearby railway stations, as the most urgent upgrade.

According to ‘The Talk of Rugby’ column in the Telegraph newspaper, Brown said: “I travelled with my wife, Karen, as well. We both did it in style. We wore our own England shirts and took the train from home to Whitton station and walked with the crowds. It was such a great atmosphere the whole way through.

“But it was interesting that my wife, who doesn’t really know the area, wasn’t quite sure which direction it was to the stadium. I do it every day, so it is much easier, but there will be those that will come here who won’t know whether to turn right or left.

“I would definitely improve signage for the person who has never been here before, whether it is when you step out at the station or whether it is when you arrive at the venue and you want to find your seat.

“I actually got a bit lost, can you believe it? I actually got slightly lost getting to my seat and I come here every day.”


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