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CTS Eventim print-at-home fees deemed illegal by another judge

CTS Eventim has again lost its print-at-home fees legal case to the Austrian Consumers’ Association (VKI) after a different judge sided with the trade group.

According to the verdict of the Handelsgericht (HG) Vienna in August, the practices of Ö-Ticket, which were referred to the civil court by the Association for Consumer Information (VKI), are not justified. The court said in August that the charges are “unusual and disadvantageous”.

The complaint in Austria, which was made with the backing of the Ministry of Social Affairs, relates to Ö-Ticket charging customers €2.50 (£2.10/$2.80) to print tickets at home or to receive a mobile code. Those that pick up the ticket in a Libro branch are charged €1.90, with a further deposit on top of that.

Last week, the lawsuit by VKI reached the Higher Regional Court of Vienna, which came to a similar conclusion with the fees being illegal, although the verdict is not yet legally binding.

According to VKI, the OLG took particular exception to the fact Ö-Ticket does not offer a fee-free delivery option, leaving the consumer with no option but to pay for them.

“We hope in the interest of ticket buyers that this judgment will be final, meaning consumers are [finally] able to purchase tickets without these additional costs,” said VKI lawyer Joachim Kogelmann, according to IQ Magazine.