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Peter Kay fans round on ‘tout’ who bragged of huge profits 

Social media users have rounded on a tout who claimed to have funded a family holiday by selling Peter Kay tickets at a huge profit and then pocketing the refund when the comedian’s tour was cancelled.

The Daily Mail reported that Brendan Hindle, of London, bragged on Twitter about making more than £1,000 by reselling tickets for Kay’s tour at four times face value. He said he had deliberately bought the tickets to resell them, and was using the profits to pay for a holiday to Aruba.

After becoming the subject of criticism for his bragging, Hindle tweeted: “’Being an entrepreneur isn’t illegal as far I’m aware.”

However, he then back-tracked and claimed his story was a joke.

Hindle tweeted: “Can’t believe I’m having to do this but no tickets have been bought or sold. This was just some light-hearted internet japery.”

His retraction was not enough to stop a barrage of abuse from social media users.

Gill Stewart from Essex tweeted: “Take a long, hard, look at yourself. Dining out on someone else’s misfortune. I hope you have trouble sleeping.”

Alyson Saunders of Bedfordshire added: “Nice that you’re making money out of someone’s misfortune and bragging about it. Still, people like you have no morals or conscience.”

Operators such as Ticketmaster and Eventim are processing hundreds of thousands of refunds for Kay’s 110 dates in 2018-19 after the star cancelled his tour earlier this week.

The tour was set to be the biggest-selling comedy event in UK history, out-selling Kay’s 2010 schedule, which was seen by 1.2 million people.