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Barça rises to 6D challenge for Camp Nou

FC Barcelona picked up another accolade recently for its application of BIM to the €600m Nou Espai Barçca project, which is tagged to be the world’s greatest sporting destination. FCB’s BIM Information manager reflects on the work behind this year’s TheStadiumBusiness Design & Development Award.

Three and a half years ago FC Barcelona made a commitment to develop the Espai Barça Project using BIM Technology. FC Barcelona’s existing as-built drawings of Camp Nou, some of which date back to the 1950’s, were not sufficient or accurate enough to develop a serious renovation project.

They not only wanted to take advantage of the 3D component of the BIM Model, but we also wanted to exploit the schedule component (4D), the costs component (5D) and the facility management component (6D). As FC Barcelona is “més que un club”, they took it as their responsibility to support the education of a generation of architects and engineers in Spain who have not been tasked to use BIM technology with public projects. Since starting in 2014 with over 5,000 laser scans of Camp Nou and one year to translate Camp Nou’s existing structure into a working IFC model, FC Barcelona are proud that architects and engineers are engaging with this technology and establishing a new benchmark for sport’s infrastructure.

All this is possible for the teamwork of many people… thanks to the ones who started all this like David Cano Domingo and William T. Mannarelli pushing for it. Projects like this are always the effort of many individuals who take part at different stages. This prize goes also goes to them.

Now is the challenge to our design teams to keep up working hard towards this goal. I look forward to more outcomes from this true challenge.

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Author credit:  Ramon Jesus Gonzalez-Marquez
BIM Information Manager at Area Patrimonial Espai Barça