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ID-based ticketing is boosting security – Ticketmaster exec

Patti-Anne Tarlton, chief operating officer of Ticketmaster Canada, said that ID-based ticketing is supporting enhanced security measures at venues across the world.

Following 2017’s tragedies at live events, such as the mass shooting in Las Vegas and the terrorist bombing in Manchester, security measures have been significantly ramped up.

Tarlton said that ticketing technology that tracks an individual’s identity is being used to not just deter scalpers but also restrict access and tighten safety and security measures.

“Security in public facilities is going to start to change and influence the direction here. That’s helpful for security. It’s helpful for fraud, but also, it can be a better connection between content owners and their fans to try to curate their customer service experience,” Tarlton said, according to the News 1130 website.

She added that photographic ID isn’t only used to deter scalpers and improve security, but it also supports event organisers in improving customer service experience.

“We are definitely investing in technology that is allowing for identity-based access control and by that I mean you would be checked in, so that the venue operator, the festival operator, the theatre operator actually knows who’s actually present in the event,” Tarlton said.

Vancouver’s Rogers Arena upgraded its security measures in October in an effort to ban anyone from carrying large purses or bags into hockey games and concerts.

Image: Dom J