Moviegoers hungry for Atom’s pre-ordered snacks

One in three Atom Tickets mobile customers are now ordering concessions in advance of their trip to the cinema.

The movie ticketing platform, which has more than four million monthly users, allows users to buy tickets and conveniently invite friends to join them via their contact lists or social media. It also offers reviews, trailers and synopses to help moviegoers make the best decision on what to see.

As well as allowing users to skip ticket queues, Atom – enabled on 19,000 screens across the US – also allows cinemagoers to order concessions in advance and collect them from express lanes where they simply scan a QR code on Atom-branded tablets to redeem their order.

In a survey to mark National Popcorn Day in the US on Friday, Atom found that the snack is most popular in New York City, with locals ordering three times more popcorn than the runner up, Los Angeles.

Atom found that the top three popcorn flavourings are white cheddar, nacho cheese and kettle corn.

“With the mobile food ordering trend exploding, it’s no coincidence that pre-ordering concessions with a movie ticket is starting to take off,” said Amber Tarshis, head of marketing at Atom Tickets.

“We know moviegoers are used to buying food at the theatre out of habit, but we’ve made it such an easy and seamless part of the ticket buying process that we’re seeing more and more people use it.

“We hope our free popcorn offer will inspire even more people to try pre-ordering their concessions.”

IMAGE: Atom Tickets