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NFL fans believe they are the 12th man

A new Ticketmaster survey shows that more than 90 per cent of NFL fans truly believe they can influence a game they are attending.

With Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots having secured a spot in the Super Bowl at the start of next month, Ticketmaster’s Fan Up! survey found that Millennials are the generation most likely to say that being in the stadium can always influence the outcome of the game.

More than half of NFL fans believe that cheers and chanting can most effect the final score.

As the official ticketing partner of the NFL, and with the Super Bowl in Minnesota on February 4 less than two weeks away, Ticketmaster unveiled results from a poll of 1,000 fans. The data gathering was an effort to gain insights into the behaviours, rituals and superstitions of the sport’s most avid followers.

Only 10 per cent of fans bought their tickets at the start of the season, while 25 per cent buy them one to three months in advance of game day.

The ticketing giant found that five per cent more women than men state that they would support their team, in person, even with a losing record late in the season. Ten per cent more women than men also say that the energy of the crowd is what makes watching a game in person better than watching it somewhere else.

Forty per cent of NFL fans said that by attending a game, it has strengthened their relationship, while 30 per cent would travel more than 100 miles to support their team.

Other key points discovered in the survey include the fact that 40 per cent of NFL fans say they are superstitious, with the most popular gameday rituals being wearing a lucky piece of clothing and tailgating.

Nearly half of NFL fans are most proud of being the loudest fans, while 35 per cent are proudest of withstanding the worst weather.

Image: Keith Allison