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Buccaneers sued for revoking season tickets

Two fans of NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers have sued the team after claiming their season passes were invalidated without warning or explanation.

The pair, Sean Fontaine and Louis Mendel, claimed that after renewing their existing season tickets for 2017, the American football franchise withdrew their purchasing rights.

The Buccaneers went on to sell what had been their tickets to other customers.

Fontaine has reportedly been a season ticket holder with the Florida-based NFL team since 2012, while Mendel has held his pass since 1995.

Fontaine prepaid for seven season tickets in November 2016, which cost $3,267.36. In February 2017, he was informed that the price had increased by a total of $873.17, which he claimed to pay immediately.

The suit reads: “On or about April 24, 2017, Bucs director of Sales, Deno Agnoste, called [Fontaine] and stated that [he] had sold six tickets in October, 2016, and that all of his season tickets would be revoked immediately and refunded.”

According to Fontaine’s statement in the complaint, when he contacted the team for more information, he said that Agnoste was “short, brief, and refused to explain the reason for the decision,” and stated that, “too bad, the decision had been made,” and then hung up.

Mendel reportedly pay $14,139.06 in November 2016 for his 15 season tickets for the 2017 season. In April 2017, he was reportedly informed that his tickets were cancelled and he would be receiving a refund within two weeks.

Image: Oliver Cardall