EDC dances its way to China

Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) is heading to China for the first time as the dance music festival continues its global expansion.

The event, which was founded in the US in the early 1990s, will take place in Shanghai International Music Park on April 29-30.

Insomniac, the EDM tour promoter that runs EDC, will transform the city with three stages, laser and light displays, theatrical performers, and dance music artists.

“To bring EDC halfway around the world is a milestone for our entire Insomniac family,” said Pasquale Rotella, founder and chief executive of Insomniac.

“China marks EDC’s sixth international location, and I’m excited to connect and create beautiful new moments with the country’s passionate and ever-growing dance music community.”

The inaugural celebration of EDC China will feature Insomniac’s signature stage designs, including kineticTEMPLE, circuitGROUNDS, bassPOD and the Boombox Art Car.

kineticTEMPLE presents an immersive story with themes of life, creativity, nature, and technology. Around the festival, fans will notice a colourful array of Brass Monkeys, Marching Band Stilts, Marching Majorettes and Sparklepops.

China marks EDC’s second location on the Asian continent, with the dance music festival already having a presence in India. Its flagship event is held annually in Las Vegas, and has also made it to New York, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the UK, with its Brazilian stint, among others, being discontinued.

EDC Las Vegas welcomes over 400,000 fans across a three-day span each year.

Image: Live Nation