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UCI hails revenue spike through Smart Pricer partnership

United Cinemas International (UCI) Multiplex commercial director Claas Eimer has revealed that the German division of AMC, the world’s largest cinema operator, has enjoyed an “over-proportional” revenue spike through its partnership with dynamic pricing software provider Smart Pricer.

In early January, UCI Multiplex announced an expansion of its arrangement with Berlin-headquartered Smart Pricer, allowing for dynamic pricing to be rolled out across all of its 23 cinemas and 203 screens in Germany as part of a new five-year deal.

According to Eimer, Smart Pricer’s integration with the company’s ticketing system, Compeso, at test sites across the country over the past two years, generated exceptional results that were impossible to ignore.

“After observing over-proportional revenue uplifts and good customer acceptance at our test sites there is no doubt that our choice to partner with Smart Pricer and Compeso has been the right decision,” Eimer said.

Smart Pricer links up with the ticketing systems of cinemas, theatres and sports venues to optimise ticket prices in real time whilst ensuring the venue operator retains full control over pricing.

Through the integration with Compeso, prices at UCI cinemas across Germany are now optimised for every single show automatically and in real time based on projected levels of demand and pre-sales data.

UCI managing director Jens Heinze highlighted the ease at which Smart Pricer’s software had been introduced into the operator’s ticketing business model during the test phase.

“Part of our decision to move forward with Smart Pricer was the quick integration with our ticketing system Compeso,” he said. “It is a ‘plug and play’ solution that allows us to set the pricing rules in the web interface, while the system optimises the price mix of all shows automatically based on our settings.”

Christian Kluge and Harald Paulus, managing directors of Smart Pricer and Compeso, respectively, said: “With the new pricing system we aim to create a true win-win for movie-goers, distributors and exhibitors. Movie-goers are rewarded for booking early with more attractive prices.

“Distributors and exhibitors drive online sales and overall revenues. UCI continues to be an innovation leader in exhibition and we are honoured to now be a part of their entire operation.”

Image: Smart Pricer