The International Olympic Committee’s cost-cutting plan, labelled ‘The New Norm,’ will include ticketing solutions that would result in less work and lower costs for host cities.

The IOC’s grand plan is aiming to save nearly $1.5bn towards the cost of organising Summer Olympic Games and Winter Olympic Games. 

Based on six recommendations of Olympic Agenda 2020 related to the organisation of the Games, the plan will provide cities with increased flexibility in conceptualising the Games, ensuring long-term development goals.

Thomas Bach, IOC president said, according to Inside Sport: “These are the biggest savings in the history of the Olympic Games. It is a fundamental rethinking of the organisation of future Games. This will lead to a new norm – from the candidature for and the delivery of the Games through to their legacy.”

The Olympic Games Delivery Executive Steering Committee, with inputs from partners and industry experts, analysed every function of operations, including venues, energy, broadcasting, ticketing, accommodation, transport and technology, and also looked at the Paralympic Games.

‘The New Norm’ document also highlighted a number of additional turnkey solutions, such as providing website and ticketing solutions, that would result in less work and lower costs for a host city.

IOC member John Coates who currently heads the executive steering committee, said: “The modifications presented in ‘The New Norm’ address many challenges associated with bidding for and hosting the Olympic Games.

“We examined if the right services and products were provided, if timing of delivery was optimal, and where we can provide additional expertise. What resulted is a robust plan that reduces complexity and costs, while maximising flexibility and partnership.”

Image: Republic of Korea