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Dealflicks brings dynamic pricing to B&B cinemas

B&B Theatres has launched a dynamic inventory of full-priced movie tickets and deals with online ticketing firm Dealflicks.

By compiling sales and API inventory data, Dealflicks’ pricing and inventory can get “smarter” as time goes on.

All films at B&B’s 391 screens and 49 theatres across the US will be available, though a varied amount of ticket and concession deals will be available for movies on certain days.

Availability and prices will differ depending on time of day, day of week, seat availability and other factors.

All B&B sales will run through movieXchange, Vista Group’s newest ticketing API, ensuring guaranteed seating and a seamless in-theatre experience for the customer.

“We are thrilled about taking our partnership with Dealflicks to the next level while being the first exhibitor to launch on this new technology,” said Bobbie Bagby Ford, executive VP for B&B Theatres.

“This type of dynamic offering is what we have been looking for since online ticketing arrived over a decade ago.”

Dealflicks, launched in 2012, has grown to over 500 locations and raised over $4.2m in capital. While Dealflicks’ product has traditionally been promotions, this new partnership with B&B Theatres marks the beginning of Dealflicks’ next phase—dynamic pricing for all movie tickets.

“Dealflicks has been the No.1 leader in the movie-ticketing deal space for the past few years,” said Sean Wycliffe, the chief executive and founder of Dealflicks. 

“But now, we can be the first and last stop for moviegoers when they are looking to see a film. Dealflicks can now not only offer the best price, as we have been doing, but we can also offer the entire inventory of the theatre to customers, allowing them to buy all their movie tickets in one place.”

Dealflicks reports it has already saved its customers over $8m on tickets and concessions, but Wycliffe said the firm is in the process of engaging other cinemas to be rolled out on Dealflicks’ new dynamic platform.

He said: “B&B Theatres and Dealflicks are leading the way in the future of movie ticketing. While other ticketing experiments in the movie exhibition space exist, we believe that Dealflicks’ platform of dynamically offered movie tickets and concessions is the true, sustainable and profitable future for theatres, studios, customers and the industry at large.”

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