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Tikkeo launches in Gabon

Tikkeo, an online event and ticketing platform, has launched in the African nation of Gabon.

Prior to its official release, Tikkeo was used during football’s Cup of Africa in 2017, with the initial idea reportedly being formulated following the Africa Cup of Nations in 2015.

The firm provides services such as printing, ticket design, creation of mini sites for event organisers and CRM.

Tikkeo generates its income from commissions on each individual ticket sale and also offers event promotion services.

The Tikkeo platform is also used by free events such as professional conferences, which represent 40 per cent of its turnover.

Tikkeo said it is aiming to expand into other African countries, thereby increasing its capital.

The African market is on the rise for ticketing firms right now, with Nigerian event discovery and ticketing platform DoingSoon launching a programme that aims to support organisers in their promotional efforts.

In addition, contactless solution tappit has linked up with several partners as it expands into South Africa.

A new joint venture, tappit Africa, will provide radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology at festivals, conferences, concerts and sporting events. It will also be present at schools, universities and stadia across South Africa and the broader sub-Sahara region.