SecuTix speeds up ticket-buying process

SecuTix has cut down online form-filling time for its cloud-based ticketing platform through a new partnership with PCA Predict.

The firm uses address validation technology to speed up the time it takes for ticket-buyers to fill in online forms.

PCA Predict’s tech also reduces inaccuracies and maximises ticketing revenue for SecuTix and its clients.

Frédéric Longatte, chief executive of SecuTix, said the partnership will help clients, which include Saracens Rugby Club and Uefa, improve user experience and grow their businesses.

“SecuTix 360° was designed as an open platform so that it could integrate quickly and easily with digital technologies that will help our clients grow their businesses,” Longatte said. “Through its high quality postcode data, PCA Predict’s software will improve further still the customer journey when purchasing tickets.

“SecuTix and PCA Predict share similar global growth ambitions and so we look forward to working together for the benefit of existing and new customers in the UK, Europe and in the future Asia and the USA.

Mario Joao, head of partner and alliances at PCA Predict, added: “Streamlining the online ticket process will enable Secutix’s customers deliver the best possible experience and increase revenue by reducing friction in the online checkout.

“Not only this, but PCA Predict’s address validation tool ensures that only verified and valid address data is being captured – something critical to any online business.”

Image: Jeshoots