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Ticket-holders can get TSA Pre✓ at Barclays Center

Barclays Center is now offering fast-track entry to ticket-holders who are part of the TSA Pre✓ mobile enrolment scheme.

IdentoGO by Idemia, the security services firm behind TSA Pre✓, has bolstered its position within the US sports market through its deal with the New York venue, home of NBA basketball team the Brooklyn Nets and NHL ice hockey franchise the New York Islanders.

Through the partnership, users of the TSA Pre✓ service will have access to a fast pass lane at Barclays Center.

SportTechie reports that fans will be able to enrol onto the TSA Pre✓ programme from a retail spot within Barclays Center that is accessible on the venue’s main concourse and from the street.

In a statement reported by SportTechie, Ed Casey, chief executive of Idemia Identity & Security USA, said: “Stadium and arena security as well as fan experience are important to us. We are excited that Barclays Center is the first arena to have a permanent IdentoGO retail location in it and we look forward to making sure all of the fans attending events at the venue and in its surrounding community enroll in the TSA Pre✓ programme to take advantage of its benefits – both at Barclays Center and at the airport.”

In October, NFL American football team the San Francisco 49ers entered into a multi-year partnership with Idemia to implement the IdentoGO solution at Levi’s Stadium.

Idemia will also equip Levi’s Stadium with biometric-based technology to assist in fan experience and security services at the ground.

The 49ers will test options to streamline fan entrance at the stadium as well as enhance the fan experience inside the venue and explore the implementation of biometrics at point of sale.

Fellow NFL team the New York Jets agreed a similar partnership with IdentoGO earlier in October. Under the multi-year deal, IdentoGO will serve as the official identity security and biometrics partner of the Jets.

Image: Erwin Bernal