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Event ticketing gets Upgraded wallet

Event ticketing startup Upgraded has launched its ticket wallet in an effort to tackle touts and counterfeiters.

The Upgraded ticket wallet allows the user to see all of their tickets in one place, regardless of the event location.

With event tickets in the Upgraded wallet, the barcode is not provided until it’s close to the time of the event. This means that transferring a ticket has minimal risk.

Due to the invisible barcode, users can transfer the ticket to a friend or unknown buyer without the risk of someone copying the ticket prior to the intended user attending the event.

To further protect the integrity of the ticket, once the barcode is available, an animated image runs behind the barcode, making it harder to copy.

Adding the new user’s email address or phone number to the ticket completes transfers on Upgraded.

Smart Tickets with Upgraded also supports season ticket holders, last minute sales and secondary markets. Smart Tickets also simplifies the ticketing process for radio stations, car dealerships and other organisations to give away tickets to events.

Tim Chambers, advisor and consultant in the ticketing and live entertainment business, told TheTicketingBusiness earlier this month that barcodes still have a major role to play in the ticketing sector, despite Live Nation chief Michael Rapino’s assertion that they are “the key to a lot of problems in the [ticketing] business”.

During his keynote interview with Emporium Presents’, Live Nation president and chief executive Rapino said that identification will be the solution to industry security issues and an opportunity to say goodbye to the barcode.

Image: Upgraded