TicketSauce has announced a series of enhancements to its event management software solution set.

TicketSauce is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that provides media organisations, associations and event organisers with the ability to control service-fee related revenue and provide additional promotion for events. It focuses on helping clients to build revenue and data.

The new features that TicketSauce has added to its platform include multi-language support, enhanced shopping cart, BOGO promo codes, and the addition of Star Micronics POS printers.

Through the multi-language support, which includes English, Spanish, Dutch, German and French, the languages are easily toggled from the web interface and are also available on seating charts for venue-driven events.

The Enhanced Shopping Cart enables customers to select and purchase tickets across a series of events or complex multi-day events, such as a film festival. Particularly useful for season passes and festivals, the shopping cart has been improved to allow customers to checkout quickly and easily.

“We are excited about the success we’ve seen with multiple media companies using our solutions to grow their revenue and data for their organisation,” said Travis Fisher, chief executive of TicketSauce.

“We continue to drive product innovation and service so that our clients can continue to provide new solutions for their customers. It is critical for media companies to continue to innovate and provide additional services for themselves and their business units.”

TicketSauce recently added new media customers to their portfolio including organisations such as The Houston Chronicle, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and SagaCity Media.

In October last year, the firm saw its revenue skyrocket 150 per cent from the previous year. The San Diego-based e-ticketing firm gathered major momentum with a 200 per cent increase in clientele, while also doubling its employee hires.

Image: TicketSauce website w/logo added