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Universal hikes ticket prices like Disney rival

Universal Studios Hollywood has raised its ticket prices by seven per cent, only two weeks after its California rival Disneyland hiked its prices by nine per cent.

A peak-demand daily ticket at the park will now cost customer $129 – a jump of $9 from the previous ticket price of $120.

The hike comes only months before Universal Studios Hollywood opens a new attraction based on the animated characters from the 2008 DreamWorks movie ‘Kung Fu Panda’.

Ticket prices at Walt Disney-operated theme parks have also been increased while fixed-date ticketing will be introduced in an effort to avoid overcrowded peak times.

Theme parks and resorts accounted for one-third of Disney’s $55.1bn (£39.7bn/€44.9bn) in revenue for 2017 thanks to new attractions such as Pandora: The World of Avatar.

Domestic attendances in the US hit an all-time high last year, creating issues with overcrowding and longer periods of waiting for visitors during popular times.

Both parks have adopted tiered pricing in an attempt to reduce crowding on the most popular days. Prices at both parks vary based on the demand previously recorded for each day of the year.

“Our ticket pricing is competitive and reflective of our exciting entertainment options,” said Audrey Eig, spokeswoman for Universal Studios Hollywood, according to the LA Times newspaper. “Purchasing online remains a great choice for guests where variable pricing provides a range of tickets and a host of benefits that best suit their needs.”

The price for a ticket booked online is $119 for high-demand days, up from $116. The price for regular days went up to $114, from $110, while prices on low-demand days rose to $109, from $105.

Image: Mathieu Marquer