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Atom Tickets launches affiliate programme

Atom Tickets has launched an affiliate programme with online publishers for them to make money by referring their online visitors to the social movie ticketing website.

The first publishers to join the programme are PopSugar and RetailMeNot, with Atom Tickets now extending it to all online publishers.

Publishers that participate in the programme will gain first-hand access to special movie promotions and a library of creative ads including a movie search widget, a selection of image ads, various text links and more.

Publishers will also be able to connect with an affiliate management team if they have any questions.

Atom Tickets is currently offering $1 commission for each new user that buys a ticket on its platform and $0.10 per ticket sold for repeat customers.

“Launching the Atom Tickets affiliate program is a win-win for publishers and consumers,” said Amber Tarshis, head of marketing for Atom Tickets.

“First, it’s a smart way to align with great content publishers providing them with another revenue stream. Second, it’s another way for online consumers to discover and connect with Atom Tickets as they visit their favourite sites across the web.”

Last year, Atom Tickets partnered with National Amusements Showcase Cinemas, B&B Theatres, Flix Brewhouse and Southern Theatres, bringing the total up to nearly 20,000 screens across the US.

Atom Tickets allows users in North America to pre-order movie tickets and concessions, while the platform also provides moviegoers the option to watch trailers, read reviews and coordinate movie outings with friends while allowing each person to pay separately.

Through Atom’s social invite feature, users can purchase their ticket and also invite friends to go to the movie without paying for them. This process allows groups to easily reserve seats together – a crucial benefit for highly anticipated box office releases.

Image: Atom Tickets