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Dice hires mega-fan

After attending 122 shows in a year, music fan David Brooks has been hired by Dice to be its new fan support agent.

Brooks, who worked as a freelance writer, will be answering “gig-related questions and ensure his fellow Dice fans are having the best possible experience,” the firm states.

Russ Tannen, Dice managing director, said, according to IQ Mag: “Dave is an absolute legend at Dice, and it’s great to bring in another member of the team so passionate about live music. It was the easiest decision of all time to ask him to work for us.”

“I didn’t think I’d land a job with one of my favourite brands by attending so many shows,” said Brooks.

“It’s cool to be able to chat music with like-minded people, plus it’s a great bonus to be able to see so much live music and actually be encouraged to ramp up my gig-going.”

However, after “refreshing the data,” Tannen said Dice noticed one fan had been to even more gigs last year – 298 – “raising the question, ‘Who will be Dice’s top gig-goer in 2018?’”

Earlier this year, Dice, renowned as being a fee-free mobile ticket and event discovery app recently introduced booking fees for some shows.

The platform, whose founder, Phil Hutcheon, once criticised ticket fees as being “like a drug”, said that its previous no-fee model meant it was losing money on every sale.

Dice also noted that it has found it more and more challenging to gain ticket allocations for larger events.

Image: Lisdavid89