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SeatGeek joins NFL’s open ticketing model

SeatGeek is set to join Ticketmaster and StubHub as an NFL distribution partner as the American football league continues to roll out its new ticketing strategy.

The mobile-first firm will integrate into the NFL’s open ticketing system starting in the 2018-19 season.

The partnership will see SeatGeek selling verified NFL tickets through its own marketplace later this year, which could also include primary tickets sold directly from clubs as well as resale tickets listed by fans.

“Our goal has been to prove to teams that they will benefit from being open, as opposed to the closed, legacy systems,” said SeatGeek co-founder Russ D’Souza. “Now the largest league in the world is embracing the concept, and we’re thrilled to be part of that network.”

While the NFL revealed in October that it has renewed its long-standing partnership with Ticketmaster, it will move away from an exclusive contract toward a new model that allows other league-approved companies to access verified tickets.

StubHub was the first to jump on board, with SeatGeek becoming the second, with the terms of the deal not confirmed.

The new approach, which has been pegged as the future of the marketplace, is the first US sports league to embrace it with all its teams.

D’Souza compared the open ticketing model to what ride-sharing apps like Uber have done for transportation, according to Bloomberg.

He said: “How do you get people to go to more events? You make it easier for them to buy and transfer tickets. This is lowering the barrier.”

Last week, it was reported by Amplify Mag that the Dallas Cowboys is reportedly close to an agreement with SeatGeek, the firm’s second primary ticketing NFL franchise deal in the past three months.

The league has not officially announced the news, however it was reported that the Cowboys’ partnership with SeatGeek, which is mainly a resale site, would opt out of the league’s ticketing deal with Ticketmaster.

SeatGeek also signed the New Orleans Saints in November, making the Cowboys the second team to have opted out of the league-wide deal.

SeatGeek are confirmed in attendance for TheTicketingBusiness Forum on 17-18 April at Emirates Old Trafford.

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