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Nigerian ticketing app aims for transparency

Ticket buyers in the African nation of Nigeria have a new mobile option following the launch of Bizzybody app.

Seun Ayeni, the founder of the mobile app, said he was inspired by his desire to find a solution to an industry that is not always transparent.

The Bizzybody initiative, which started two years ago as an event directory, has now expanded to include an online chat room for users and event ticketing, among others, Ayeni said.

“Once you register with us on this application and launch it from the comfort of your house, the app will automatically source events happening within your area,” Ayeni said. “Your location would have been captured in our database during the registration stage, and you will just be left with the option of choosing which of the events you want to attend.

“If it is a ticketed event, you can just buy the ticket right inside the app and the most amazing part of this is that you will get five per cent discount on all the tickets you buy on the app automatically, and I can assure you that you can’t get this type of offer anywhere else or on any other platform except on Bizzybody.”

In addition, the app would provide event planners with customer data to support their marketing drives.

Ayeni said: “This application is accessible on the Google Play Store free, there is no premium on any sections of the app and it is devoid of advertisements at the moment because we do not want any interruption for our users.”

Image: Bizzybody PR