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TicketGuardian partners with NASCAR owner

TicketGuardian has signed an exclusive partnership with NASCAR owner International Speedway Corporation (ISC) to offer ticket insurance to fans of the US motorsport championship.

Under the terms of the multi-year agreement, TicketGuardian will start providing an option for fans to insure their tickets to major motorsports events when they buy them in advance.

ISC owns and operates 13 of the nation’s premier motorsports entertainment facilities, which include historic Daytona International Speedway, Talladega Superspeedway and ISM Raceway.

TicketGuardian is already the title sponsor of the TicketGuardian 500, to be held in Arizona next week.

“Our partnership with ISC couldn’t be any more exciting,” said Bryan Derbyshire, founder and chief executive of TicketGuardian.

“The opportunity for TicketGuardian to work for such a dedicated group of fans is a major milestone towards our endeavours in the live events industry and with the help of ISC, we hope that peace of mind and TicketGuardian become synonymous with motorsports fans everywhere.”

Founded in 2016, TicketGuardian’s platform provides low cost coverage to protect attendees from financial stress, should normal life circumstances prevent them from attending an event.

The California-based firm provides ticket protection in various different markets, including concerts, festivals, professional sporting events, endurance races, conferences and more.

“We are excited about our new partnership with TicketGuardian,” said Tom Canello, managing director of consumer engagement services at NASCAR-owned ISC.

“Their fresh approach to providing a low-cost ticket insurance coverage option is a benefit to our race fans and provides peace of mind that their purchases are protected.  We look forward to integrating TicketGuardian into the ISC family of tracks.”

Image: TicketGuardian