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MoviePass hires former Spotify exec Berkley

MoviePass has further bolstered its executive team with the appointment of former Spotify leader Mike Berkley as its new chief product officer.

As the latest edition to the rapidly expanding movie subscription firm, Berkley will be tasked with improving credit card-like service’s operations.

Most recently, Berkley worked as the senior vice president of product management at entertainment brand Viacom. There he was responsible for the digital products, mobile apps, video, data collection, and content management platforms associated with such brands as Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, MTV, BET, and Paramount Pictures.

“MoviePass is one of the most exciting companies to emerge in the entertainment industry in recent years,” Berkley said in a statement. “Just as Netflix has ushered in a renaissance for TV, MoviePass is on the path to do the same for theatrical movies.”

MoviePass chief executive Mitch Lowe said in an interview with Variety, that Berkley’s hire is part of an ongoing effort to improve customers experience. He noted that MoviePass has often had to improvise as its growth has accelerated.

“What I’m looking for Mike to do is to learn more about what customers want and build a stronger product,” Lowe said. “We have an opportunity to build something meaningful.”

Earlier this week, the firm removed Jennifer Lawrence blockbuster Red Sparrow from its ticketing inventory in an effort to “better understand member behaviour.”

The firm said in a statement: “We are constantly testing all aspects of our service to optimise the model for theatres, distributors and members.”

Last month, MoviePass reported it is selling as many as one in 10 tickets for many movies across US cinemas, according to figures quoted by Lowe.

MoviePass recently signed multiple contracts with several Hollywood studios and independent distributors to expand the firm’s revenue sources beyond its base of more than two million subscribers.

The partnerships will explore revenue-generating opportunities through marketing channels and exclusive fan-based events so that studios and distributors can more accurately target spending for advertising, reach the right audiences more effectively and identify the most effective markets.

Image: Berkley’s Linkedin profile