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LA Rams and Chargers fans to pay huge licensing fees

Los Angeles Rams and Chargers fans will pay fees of up to $100,000 to secure ticket licences at the NFL American football teams’ future home.

Premium seats for the Inglewood project will hold a licensing bill of $75,000 for Chargers season-ticket holders and a massive $100,000 for Rams season-ticket holders.

According to the LA Times, around 25 per cent of the under-construction LA stadium is classified as “premium.” As of tomorrow (Tuesday), season-ticket holders from both teams will be invited to view details about the project and purchase premium seats.

Personal seat licenses (PSLs) for the Rams will range from between $175,000 and $225,000 per seat. The one-time-fee licence only gives fans the right to then purchase season and game tickets, which will add a further $350 and $400 per game for the best club seats.

The licensing is essentially functioning as a 50-year deposit to help fund the $2.6bn stadium’s construction. After 50 years, the original stadium seat license cost will be repaid to whoever owns it.

The game and season ticket prices, which are the same for all three tiers of premium seats, will be frozen for the first three years the stadium is in operation.

According to the LA Times, a spokesperson for the Rams said every seat in the stadium will require an SSL. The price tag for the cheapest seats will be less than $1,000. The Chargers declined to release estimated pricing costs on non-premium seats, noting that nearly each seat in the stadium also will require a SSL.

“When it comes to the individual fan, you can curate this experience for yourself and you can find the appropriate level of pricing, the right level of seat, which team you want to identify with, and make it your own in a very personal way for your own Los Angeles journey,” Rams chief operating officer Kevin Demoff said, LA Times reports.

“It’s a market of 18 million people: there’s a high end, a middle end and a low end. We have to make sure this stadium grows our fan base. That it’s not limiting, but encompassing.

“The stadium was designed with that in mind, to make sure every fan feels like this stadium is accessible to them.”

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