Industry News open sources blockchain ticket

Blockchain-based ticketing firm has open sourced its solution in a move intended to support a “unified industry standard of blockchain-based tickets.”, a London and Moscow-based firm, said it is not intended to compete with other ticketing platforms, but will instead let any ticketing system and its customers benefit from the advantages of the blockchain.

Egor Egerev, chief executive of said: “Meanwhile, companies and start-ups in different countries make their own versions of blockchain for ticketing following the same route, we have created an Open Source single industry standard.

“It will be implemented by library supporting smart contracts and new generation of tickets, that ‘live’ in one or another blockchain network. Smart tickets’ behaviour is programmed to follow a certain set of rules registered in a smart contract, making it possible for event organisers to control the entire ticket lifecycle.”

The product, which is free of charge, is intended to allow companies to begin selling a “new generation of tickets.” Its features include a library of smart contracts that release smart tickets, and it also has shared a API and mobile application, which enables users to manage their tickets. 

The company ensures users that an ecosystem of different services can be created around the standard, for example, ticket systems using it, ticket wallets, ticket resale exchanges, etc.

The firm said in a statement: “The team invites companies working in ticketing field and individual developers to customise the standard and release its new version. This will lead the entertainment industry to the unified version of smart ticket for the whole world.”

Egerev described the single standard for ticketing on ILMC 30 conference: “One of the first companies in the world we have decided to invest in the standard of smart ticketing. But this is long-term investment and we don’t set commercial goals.

“Instead of it we are creating community of blockchain-based ticketing experts. If you are experienced in e-ticketing or blockchain, please join us. Let’s create solution for safe and transparent ticketing for everyone.”

Image: BTC Keychain