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Allcal Events launches branded app solution

Allcal Events, which offers in-app ticketing services, has launched its branded app solution in which planners can manage all aspects of their event from one platform.

Allcal allows clients to build custom web calendars that reflect the branding of their events to seamlessly embed within their own website as well as an extensive custom calendar within the Allcal app.

With the new feature, clients can select their own colour, template, logos and app icon button to customise their app for event attendees.

The move comes after Apple’s App Store revealed new guidelines, which made it harder to publish a white label app or duplicate events apps. Allcal’s solution allows event planners to create an app to be 100 per cent compliant with the new guidelines.

“The new Apple App Store guidelines are a great thing for users and event organisers alike because it will force developers to make better apps,” said Allcal chief executive Daniel Cocanougher.

“But it will also leave a big hole in the event app industry and many organisers scrambling – that’s where Allcal can help.”

Allcal is the aggregator or “picker” model that Apple specifically refers to in the updated App Store guidelines as an example of what is acceptable.

Image: carinakrammer