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Wyker brings live music fans together

Wyker, a social mobile app for concert discovery and ticket purchasing, has announced its launch on both iOS and Android.

The app, which is created on the assumption that attending a concert is an experience that is shared, allows fans to meet according to their musical affinities, to exchange and to go to events.

Wyker also offers users the opportunity to discover new artists based on their musical preferences and location.

Wyker has developed a social matching algorithm around musical events. The application performs a first analysis of the music library of its user and his or her friends for free.

Depending on the tastes and location of the user, Wyker recommends concerts and festivals, and adjusts its proposals as and when users choose.

The application also allows fans to synchronise their favourite artists, build a personal concert agenda, and access the ticketing platforms directly.

“My desire for Wyker has been to integrate into its DNA the social network aspect and the connection between communities via music. This base of our application makes our difference. Our goal: to become the reference mobile app for the general public (and especially the millennials) when it comes to concerts, festivals, friends, meetings and music,” said Morgane Canastra, the founder of Wyker.

“The application required one year of preparation on the algorithm, then six months of adjustments to provide a reliable product to users from the official launch. We are very happy to be at the origin of an innovation that has already been used by business angels at a first fundraising event. A new levy in the United States is also under preparation.”