Sinemia, the monthly movie ticketing plan, has set its sights on dominating the market and pushing MoviePass’ two million members to switch sides.

MoviePass is the most popular monthly movie ticket subscription in the US, currently costing fans $6.95 a month to watch a 2D film every day of the month if they choose to.

Sinemia, which announced its US launch in January, introduced what it believes to be a flexible and more consumer-friendly monthly movie ticket plan membership in the US.

It includes an integrative mobile app, through which Sinemia is balancing high-value customer satisfaction within a “sustainable” business model. Sinemia, which currently offers cinema subscriptions in its home market at 19 liras ($5.10/£3.78/€4.27) a month, is already active in the UK, Canada, Turkey, and Australia.

“As a fellow film-lover, I firmly believe there is much more to the movie-going experience than simply projecting a film on a screen. We want to see it on the best screen, with the best sound, and while sitting in the best seat,” said Rifat Oguz, founder of Sinemia.

“We don’t want to stress about sold-out tickets and theatre limitations. And, to be frank, we certainly don’t want to watch the latest action blockbuster in basic 2D.

“Sinemia was designed to elevate the movie theatre subscription model in a way that frequent movie-goers could receive significant savings, without having to sacrifice the quality of their experience.”

Prior to its US launch, Sinemia already boasted three million global unique monthly visitors to its social web and app platforms with more than 20 million visits.

Sinemia members receive as many as three monthly movie tickets for less than the cost of one, and the subscriptions are designed to impose fewer restrictions than rival services. Sinemia members can select any movie format, including 3D and IMAX at any cinema and at any time.

In addition, Sinemia members benefit from advanced ticket options and seat reservations. The service is also the first to offer couples’ subscriptions with Sinemia for Two.

“We are interested in building a movie ticket subscription service that will be around for the long haul,” said Oguz.

“We are steadily growing by more than 50 per cent each month and are seeing more than 20 million monthly visitors to our site globally. I am confident this success has much to do with our dedication to not only financial savings for our members, but also our ability to give them a high-quality movie theatre experience.”

Image: dbreen