NHL ice hockey franchise the Vegas Golden Knights has launched a programme designed to deter fans from reselling their Stanley Cup playoff tickets.

After winning a place in postseason competition, the Knights announced visiting fans were not invited to any games.

“We’re a destination city. During the regular season, it was a big part of our event experience. But the Stanley Cup playoffs, that’s a different time,” Vegas team president Kerry Bubolz told ESPN. “We want to do what we can to support the hockey side of our organisation.”

The Knights have requested that their season ticket holders take the “Knights Vow,” through which they are banned from reselling their playoff tickets on the secondary market. StubHub is the team’s authorised resale partner and the only place fans can buy and sell second-hand Knights tickets.

These fans that are taking the vow will pay about 25 per cent above the average regular-season price. There is an opt-out option in which supporters will be able to sell their ticket on StubHub, but they will pay a significantly higher price.

According to ESPN, Buboltz said that, for example, a $100 regular-season ticket would be $125 for those who take the Knights Vow, while those that opt out would pay $175.

“We didn’t get into the membership business so people can buy and then sell our tickets. We’re trying to build a fan base here for the long term. So if we see something suspicious and profit motivated, we have a conversation with those individuals and reserve the right not to sell them tickets anymore,” Bubolz said.

The Knights have monitored the reselling of their tickets throughout the season, as Vegas has played to a 103.8 per cent capacity this season.

“Our playoff ticket options reward the loyalty of the most passionate, committed and ardent Vegas Golden Knights season ticket members with preferred pricing and a flexible payment option that gives fans the opportunity to pay once the round is complete,” said Bubolz. “We have had the best in-arena atmosphere in the NHL this season and we will look to take that to another level come playoff time.”

Image: Michael Miller