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Glisser LIVE boosts hybrid events

Glisser, a firm focused on audience engagement, has launched a new tool that allows event planners to promote and host hybrid and virtual events.

Glisser LIVE combines their existing audience participation software with a live video feed for remote attendee engagement.

The integration means Glisser users can facilitate engagement during sessions at physical events, as well as connecting their remote attendees in from anywhere in the world.

Based in the UK and USA, Glisser’s platform is used by hundreds of businesses, educational facilities, and in training to improve audience engagement at events and joined the Event Tech Tribe in 2017 as one of their founding members.

“Always ensuring that solutions are best in craft – and therefore Event Tech Tribe-worthy – means continuously staying ahead of the trends, and that’s what’s inspired the creation of Glisser LIVE,” said chief executive Mike Piddock.

Hybrid events are becoming more popular as planners and marketers seek to extend the value of the content they create.

Glisser LIVE looks to address that need by allowing planners to supplement in-room attendees (and interactions) with a virtual audience online and capturing more valuable data.

“We’re also seeing customers push the boundaries of events in other ways,” said Glisser’s US general manager, Meaghan Carey.

“One company trained hundreds of people at once all around the world, and used live-quizzing to gauge their learning instantly and others have run webcasts with integrated ‘spot polls’ to ensure people are really engaged, not actually doing something else on screen!”

Image: Bruce Mars