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Bandwagon boosts fan experience through blockchain

Bandwagon has shifted its focus to using blockchain technology to help sports teams and venues improve the fan experience on game days.

Its new product, the Stadium Identity Management Platform, has been developed for professional sports organisations and college athletic departments, to support users in identifying game-day fans so that they can deliver personalised experiences.

Previously, Bandwagon focused on helping fans by finding better seats that are tailored to what they want.

Harold Hughes, the company’s chief executive and founder, said that by focusing on how athletic departments and sports team can optimise the fan experience, they believe they can radically change the sporting landscape.

“Sports organisations have no idea who is showing up in their stadiums on game day, which directly affects revenue and attendance,” he said.

“We can fix that and help them create an experience than fans want to come back for again and again. Our platform allows sports organisations to increase revenue with a powerful suite of data analytics and marketing tools.”

The new feature tracks qualitative customer data for ticketed events through a proprietary blockchain database that monitors each ticket transaction. Event owners can track the economics of each ticket and stay informed of the end user who ultimately attends the event.

For example, a college may know it sold one person a season ticket, but it doesn’t know how many of the games the person actually attends. They may sell some of the tickets. Bandwagon allows organisers to find out who that new person is and how to advertise to them.

“By matching the right fans with the right services, teams are able to offer an unmatched live event experience,” Hughes said.

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