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BRIEFING: Smart tickets: What you need to know

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It is estimated that one in two ticket transactions will be smart tickets by 2019.

But what are smart tickets, and what are the benefits for venue owners and event attendees?

What is a smart ticket?

Smart tickets are effortless and remove the frustration of registering, purchasing, downloading and printing a paper ticket.

With a smart ticket, an event attendee can enter a venue, access parking facilities and purchase food and drink using their smartphone.

For event providers and venue owners who juggle user experience with safety and security at their venues—smart tickets are an ideal choice.

Why are smart tickets from HID Global unique?

E-tickets and scannable barcodes on smartphones are nothing new. But barcodes on smart devices can easily be copied and passed on to others. The ticketing industry needed a solution that would meet the growing demand for personalised user experience and security.

The HID Global solution used by ticketing platforms merges security, privacy, and user experience.

With the HID Global Seos wallet, event attendees can keep all their tickets (parking, venue, food and drink) in one secure place, on a smart device, in their pocket.

With the HID Global Smart ticket, each ticket keeps a log of the date and time it was used (unlike traditional barcode scanning which is static and easy to repurpose).

The Seos technology allows for the right ticket to be selected. For example, when entering a parking facility, the parking ticket is chosen automatically. 

Increased security, reduced fraud

By using smart tickets verified on a mobile device through an authorised app, ticket fraudsters will no longer be able to copy or resell tickets for inflated prices.

Paper tickets can be spoiled, lost or stolen easily. Smart ticket holders are more likely to keep their tickets secure; as tickets are held on smartphones and handled with care. No more leaving paper tickets in the car or at the pub before the game. 

More data, better communication

Smart ticket holders can personalise their tickets with their data, and some providers allow fans to upload a picture of themselves to the ticket.

Venue owners and event organisers can use attendee data to improve the customer experience by promoting upcoming events, tailored special offers and competitions.

HID Global played a vital role in the rollout of smart tickets for ice hockey and football events with ticketing partner, SecuTix. HID Global also supported Info Salons, a leading event technology company, to issue smart trade show tickets for the GITEX event in Dubai.

Convenience equals loyalty

Consider the obstacles people navigate once at an event: transport, parking, finding a place to eat, etc. That’s a lot to manage.

Smart tickets make it easier for fans to sit back and enjoy the event. HID Global offer location services; real-time visibility and geotagging that can make the customer experience that extra bit special, for example.

  • Attendees might feel anxious about finding their seat at a new venue. With location services, attendees can easily locate their seat using the app.
  • Finding time to grab food and drink at an event is tricky, especially when large venues are full of thousands of other hungry fans. With location services, attendees can order food and drink directly to their seats via the app.

HID Global’s location services meet the growing need for user experience at stadiums and venues by using Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE), Wi-Fi and the cloud to provide unique insights into the location of event attendees.

HID Global and smart tickets: the story so far

HID Global is changing how the world receives and uses tickets, by designing mobile tickets that bring security, identity, and convenience to the ticketing industry.

The last word

Smart tickets have arrived. Several major football stadiums have already implemented smart tickets and are reaping the benefits: convenience and customer loyalty.

As the ticketing industry continues to make strides in game-day experience, companies can maximise their relationship with fans by offering flexibility, convenience and security.

HID Global is exhibiting their smart ticketing offering at TheTicketingBusiness Forum 2018 in Manchester, 17-18 June.

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