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Weezevent links event-goers to accommodation

Weezevent, the ticketing operator and cashless payment specialist, has launched its hosting search feature to link event-goers with accommodation.

Event organisers using the service will be able to direct their attendees to finding nearby and available places to stay during the dates of the event.

Once the ticket has been bought, the customer can then book accommodation directly through the site.

A map centred on the event address will be displayed, and the participant will have a view of all the accommodations available nearby.

The feature is to be launched in two days (Wednesday) on the Weezevent management interface.

In addition, the firm is set to announce its upcoming launch of its CRM platform. Currently in beta, it will soon be available to all organisers, including the creation of filters for ultra-targeted campaigns and automatic updating of data.

Paris-headquartered Weezevent offers event organisers a full white-label self-service ticketing solution via SaaS as well as cashless technology.

The payments solution allows attendees to credit a dedicated event account, before or during the event, both offline or online allowing attendees to pay at the bars, restaurants and merchandising stalls using only their wristband.

Image: Weezevent