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Tate launches £5 youth ticketing scheme

Tate has launched a £5 initiative to boost the number of young people attending ticketed exhibitions.

As it stands, it can cost patrons up to £22 to attend a blockbuster exhibition at Britain’s national galleries. This inflated price means that the youth are often deterred and older age groups are the usual customers.

Maria Balshaw, Tate’s director, announced the Tate Collective scheme, which is a free-to-join membership for 16-25-year-olds at any UK national museum.

The pass is available to anyone in that age range, from anywhere in the world and can also be used to get discounts in its cafes and shops, as well as £5 entry per person for themselves and three friends.

Sixteen-to-25-year-olds currently account for less than a tenth of Tate’s patrons at exhibitions.

According to the Guardian newspaper, Balshaw said she now expects that figure to increase quickly, without it costing a great deal. “Nothing in life is free but because this is about growth in audience we anticipate it will pay for itself,” she said.

Balshaw added: “We are acting on what 16-25-year-olds say they want so that we can make the changes needed for future generations. Our sector should be shaped by their creative energy and their message to us is clear: arts institutions should plan with, not for them.”

Image: Bit Boy