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Airbnb expands into events industry

Airbnb is expanding its services into the events world with interactive maps, ticketing, and registration.

Airbnb for Events lets organisers create interactive maps of accommodation listings close to their venues.

From there, they can then embed them onto event websites for attendees to find somewhere to stay locally during a concert, convention or ticketed event. 

Airbnb also automatically forms a personalised landing page for their event on the site that organisers can share and use to market their event.

In addition, the firm is working to develop the interactive listings map with options for ticketing platforms, event registration, event management platforms, wedding platforms and trip planners.

Last month, Ian Nuttall, founder of TheTicketingBusiness, said he believes Airbnb will kick off a wave of travel and tourism firms moving into the live entertainment and experience ticketing sector.

An “Amazon-sized opportunity” in selling experiences has opened up, according to Airbnb chief executive Brian Chesky, USA Today reported.

Airbnb’s Experiences programme was introduced in 2016 and designed to meet the needs of its traveling customers to get involved in an activity on their trips.

Airbnb currently offers 5,000 Experiences, with Chesky saying it has 55,000 on the waiting list.

Image: Pixabay