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Ticketbud enhances Check-In app

Ticketbud has updated its tracking and scanning methods for its Check-In mobile app to improve verification at the gate.

The Texas-based online ticket sales and event registration firm has implemented the update to help staff better manage check-in at the gate, with multi-day events making use of the ability to verify each ticket and manage VIP ticket holders.

In addition, it allows organisers and managers to have better oversight, and track check-in and sales at the door.

“Check-in is a crucial part of event operations. We have been making updates to Ticketbud mobile app so that event organisers can scan thousands of tickets quickly. Large events and festivals want to provide a seamless gate experience, and fast, accurate check-in is the cornerstone,” said Kayhan Ahmadi, chief executive of Ticketbud.

“These most recent updates go beyond speed and enable gate staff to easily identify what ticket type is being scanned. This is important for large events with multiple ticket types such as ‘early bird,’ or ‘VIP. These updates ensure smooth gate operations and a great attendee experience.”

The ticket recognition aspect in the Ticketbud App has been built to scan in virtually any condition. Prior to the update, the app did not designate what type of ticket was scanned.

The app also allows for in-app revenue tracking, with the update to produce illustrations that give organisers the ability to track these sales.

Image: carinakrammer