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Could the unlimited MoviePass subscription be gone for good?

MoviePass has restricted members to four cinema tickets per month on a “temporary” basis, with its chief executive hinting the unlimited plan may never return.

Earlier this month, the firm revealed a special “promotion” in which subscribers were restricted to four movie passes each cycle, along with a three-month free trial of iHeartRadio’s All Access. 

This replaced the $9.95 deal in which people could, if they chose to, use their MoviePass to watch a film every day of the month.

Yesterday, MoviePass chief executive Mitch Lowe sat down for an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, where he was asked if the “unlimited” plan would make a come-back.

Lowe responded with a simple, “I don’t know.”

He added: “We just always try different things. Every time we try a new promotion, we never put a deadline on it.”

MoviePass’ business model has come under greater scrutiny this week as the company’s stock price fell by more than 40 per cent last week following a disappointing SEC filing. The stock got a small boost after Lowe made his comments.

Lowe said 88 per cent of MoviePass subscribers watch two movies or less per month.

Image: MoviePass