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Ingresso Rápido aims for global expansion

Brazilian primary ticketing firm Ingresso Rápido has become the most downloaded mobile app in Latin America, with more than four million downloads in the quarter.

Diego Barreto, chief financial officer of the firm, told that its live entertainment competitors are only hitting around 500,000 downloads.

Ingresso Rápido reportedly grew 60 per cent over the course of the last three years, “even while the Brazilian economy was in recession,” Barreto said.

In addition, the company claims to have also moved 70 per cent of sales to its online platform, from 30 per cent two years ago.

The firm sold more than 10 million tickets in 2017 at around 150 fixed venues and hundreds of events.

Ingresso Rápido, which was founded in 2014, says its success is in part due to its partnership with leading LatAm technology company Movile.

Barreto said: “Movile is the main LatAm tech company, with tremendous expertise in tech development and marketing. Movile provides to Ingresso Rápido access to its tech stack, access to Movile ecosystem, including gigantic tech companies, and professionals, who work with us to development the capabilities we are working on.”

The CFO also noted that the firm built a new platform called Bileto, which is a modular system to give independence to each section to help avoid system crashes.

Bileto, which is based on Amazon Cloud, supports the whole Ingresso Rápido ecosystem, including apps, mobile sites, website, control access platform, financial platform to producers and venues, box offices systems and payment channels.

Looking forward, Barreto said the firm is working to initiate its merger and acquisition deployment in the second half of 2018, including companies outside of Brazil. Ingresso Rápido is also looking at other avenues and products to add to its live entertainment ticketing offering.

“We are testing parking tickets to the events we sell. Next ones should be food and beverage, merchandising, flight tickets and hotel. By 2019 we should have all these verticals integrated in one place: our app,” Barreto added.

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