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BlocSide Sports first to trial Aventus Protocol

Blockchain-based ticketing firm Aventus will link-up with BlocSide Sports for the first trials of its Aventus Protocol source-code.

Aventus Protocol is an open-source blockchain ticketing platform that will allow anyone to build powerful decentralised applications for the ticketing industry.

The programme, which is powered by blockchain, facilitates a supply chain that strengthens control and operations, and prevents counterfeiting.

BlocSide Sports is a digital platform that leverages frictionless payments, mobile ticketing, augmented reality, and blockchain technology to improve fan engagement.

The Aventus Protocol, in partnership with BlocSide, will be responsible for significant ticketing inventory across the sports industry to bring blockchain to football.

Aventus co-found Annika Monari said: “The potential for this to enhance the current standards of expectation for ticketing are huge. What we are talking about here is an entirely fair and secure blockchain-based system, which virtually eliminates ticketing fraud and the scourge of unregulated touting.

“We want to work with the ticketing industry and encourage developers to review and engage with the source-code we are making available today.”

BlocSide, which currently has partnerships with 25 football clubs worldwide, will use the power of the Aventus Protocol to make ticketing and fan engagement accessible, fuelled by a series of events during the 2018 FIFA World Cup across the US, UK and Europe totalling over 10,000 tickets. 

BlocSide also has a top-down integration in Cape Town FC, and management interests at Dundalk FC and Moura FC, all of which provide blockchain ticketing opportunities.

BlocSide is predicted to secure four clubs under management across four continents exceeding 40,000 season tickets in the next two years. This inventory is expected to significantly increase to more than 400,000.

Alan Vey, co-founder of Aventus, said: “Event organisers will see the value in it, because it will enable them to effectively and efficiently manage and promote their ticketed events with significantly enhanced control over the ticketing supply chain. The protocol will also help them to foster greater trust and enhanced relationships with both ticketing partners and their customer base.”

Image: Aventus